BrainClick Online Counseling

Reasonable Rates? What a Concept!

Service 1:
Test-Flight [Complimentary / 30 min]

Service 2:
Psychosocial Assessment "Intake" [106.00 / 50 min]

Service 3:
Individual Psychotherapy [66.00 / 50 min]

Service 4:
Couples Psychotherapy [86.00 / 50 min]

Service 5:
Trauma Therapy [86.00 / 50 min]

Service 6:
Alzheimer's Dementia Coaching [66.00 / 50 min]

Service 7:
General Consultation [66.00 / 50 min]


If you are in need of help from BrainClick Online Counseling and financial concerns give pause about moving forward, please send an email through the Communication Portal to see if you qualify for financial accommodations.

Asking is free!

Our fees are already well below the norm for psychotherapy. BrainClick Online Counseling is, of course, a business, and we would be unwise to set fees below what it takes to make it successful.

That being said, it is the wellbeing of individuals, couples, families and children that motivates us, not fees. We're here to help.

So here's a thought…

If clients who are capable of paying the (already reduced) regular rates for services do so faithfully, then there will be funds available for the few who genuinely need financial accommodations.

At BrainClick we are doing our part to keep service fees affordable. Perhaps there is something you can do to help someone in need of services too.

Ask about how to make a small donation to our Client Assistance Fund by voluntarily increasing your counseling fee by $1.00, $3.00, or $5.00 per session.

Giving to the Client Assistance Fund is voluntary. I's an opportunity for you to give just a little that will have a huge impact on others.

It is my experience that everyone we meet is in more emotional misery than we could imagine. Your small donation to the Client Assistance Fund will be deeply appreciated and will help change lives for the better.

Oh, It will make you feel better too!



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