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Alzheimer's Dementia Coaching

Amy J Van Kleeck Certified Dementia Care Coach Administrator / Memory Care Program Specialist

Alzheimer's Dementia Coaching

Fatigue, isolation, anger, grief, helplessness and even embarrassment, are all emotions that are shared by those who love someone who is afflicted with Alzheimer's Dementia and related disorders.

The statistics for Alzheimer's Dementia are staggering, but when your own loved one is afflicted, the true dreadfulness of the disease comes to bear.

Amy J Van Kleeck understands dementia. She gained first hand experience caring for her father, who died from complications of Alzheimers disease. She also understands the disease professionally as the administrator of Assisted Living Facilities. Her heart's desire is to apply her knowledge of dementia care in a way that will improve the lives of suffering seniors. Her considerable experience, knowledge and support provide the lifeline that is so desperately needed, for those who love someone who is afflicted with Alzheimer's dementia. She is trained as a coach for providing positive dementia care. She has been the Program Director of Memory Care, which included family support, in a 43 bed memory care. She is currently the administrator of a 93 bed ECC Assisted Living Community, with a 30 bed secure memory support area, for residents who are not safe in an open environment. She offers essential coaching support to caregivers and families in need of help planning home environments and approaches to challenging situations with loved ones. She doesn't just know about Alzheimer's, she knows what you are experiencing, and understands the struggle of trying to do this alone. Her considerable experience, training, and passion are available for you in the security and privacy of your home. She can help. Isn't it time to ask someone who knows?

The Alzheimer's Dementia Coaching is an in-depth, personalized service for individuals and families who are facing the many decisions and challenges associated with Alzheimer’s Dementia and related disorders. The goal is for each family to develop a better understanding of the disease, to develop strategies for the best possible symptom management, communication and care. [Consultations are done on an "as needed" basis. Note: Please make a request for Alzheimer's Dementia Consultation via email at to schedule convenient and personalized attention via video conference.]